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93 Ls400 Replace Stock Hu With Pioneer Fhp8000bt

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I have a 93 LS400 with the stock premium pioneer head unit. The aftermarket Nak CD changer failed and I want BT so I am changing it out.

I am installing a Pioneer FHP800BT.

I do a lot of DIY but I don't know a ton about car audio. I need to understand what I am looking at a little better.

Four questions issues:


I have three harness pieces going into the back of the old head unit. There are two white ones in the middle which appear to be matches for the Scosche TA02 harness i will use unless someone says not to. Then, I have a third one, that is blue and inserted in the bottom middle of the OEM head unit.

What is this, and why is my harness choice apparently leaving it out? Is this for the sub? (Not sure I have one, really).


My new Pioneer head unit has RCA outs for the amp. I have looked for an amp, and I don't see one. Am I just missing it? I bought a Metra Toyota amp integration harness, but there isn't a harness male end that matches it. How do I understand this?

3. My head unit has 2 inputs that appear to look like antenna jacks. One is the ordinary size; the other is smaller. I have males to match them in my OEM harness. What is this smaller one?

4. If I don't have an amp, am I going to be unhappy with the HU output? I need something that will push the speakers at ordinary levels, I am not trying to blast anyone out. But I don't want to be underpowered either.

Any help is very much appreciated.

Andrew Court Collective

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