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1993 Sc300 Am Radio Reception


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Looks like to cable is for a mobile phone but any ideas regarding the AM reception? Anyone?


I've searched the forum and have seen similar questions posted but have yet to find a good answer. I've recently replaced by antenna with a new mast and have replaced the motor assembly with a used unit found on ebay (works fine). FM works fine but AM is terrible, can't even listen to it given the static and virtually no reception strength. It was also poor before I replaced the antenna but it was not as bad as it is now. That should be a clue but I'll be darned if I can identify the problem.

The other posts I've scene suggest there may be a grounding issue. I can tell you that the noise does fluctuate when a accelerate/decelerate. Where/how could I check if grounding is impacting AM radio reception? I'm hoping I don't have to pull out the head unit but I wouldn't be surprised if that was necessary.

I also cleaned the areas where the antenna contacts the body of the car. Didn't matter. The antenna operates fine, it's just the AM reception only.

Any recommendations (other than listen to FM or CDs) would be welcome!

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