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Lexus Of Sarasota


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I totally agree with you both. I purchased a Lexus because I thought they had a good reputation in customer service. But after dealing with Lexus of Sarasota, I will think again before buying another Lexus. First, I have a problem with my transmission and they say it is the gas that I am putting in my car. Do you know of a higher gas other than Premium that I can put in or does Lexus have their own brand?

I have a 2006 RX350. At 15,000 miles, I had to put brakes on it, not covered, which should have been, but they said since I lived on Siesta Key it was caused from the salt water and sand. My suggestion to everyone is not give Lexus your physical address but a PO Box. And, of course everyone knows when you get close to 18,000 to 20,000 miles you must replace the expensive Goodyear Eagle tires that Goodyear seems to think you will get 60,000 miles out of. Goodyear’s excuse is that Lexus makes their customer ride them at a pressure lower than manufacture’s recommendation and causes them to wear faster. Lexus does this so we will get a smoother and quieter ride. Just being Deceptive!

Before Lexus came to Sarasota in 1993, I purchased my cars in Tampa, which was the closest dealership. Never had a problem with them. I started to use the Sarasota service department and they seemed to do a great job because I knew this lady advisor and she knew her job well. Then she retired. Then they moved to their new location and everything went downhill. I guess they need to pay for that new fancy building and the one next door for Jaguar. Every thing on the outside is so neat, clean and they greet you when you drive up. When you go in to wait, they have sodas, coffee, bagels and whatever you want. Whoopee do, I just want my car repaired properly with no hassles. I do believe the only education the service advisors and service manager have at that dealership now is from “THE LEXUS ACADEMY OF HOW TO SCREW CUSTOMERS”!

I purchased my last car from them but never again. I will go back to Tampa or St. Pete – NO COMPARISON!!!!!!!! Sarasota has one salesperson that is a total you know what and I wish I could say his name. I just don’t understand why they don’t get rid of him. A business is all about reputation and referrals. I guarantee he does not get any repeat business. It is kind of funny that they don’t allow him to make a decision and he has to go ask his Sales Manager if he can take this offer. And then you have some salespeople in there that are so sweet. Too bad a few bad eggs have to spoil it for all.

I AGREE, THINK TWICE BEFORE BUYING FROM WILDE LEXUS OF SARASOTA. I sure hope the owner is aware of what is going on at his dealership.


Sarasota, Florida

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