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Lexus Keys

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So after going to 40 junk yards and no luck finding a 98-2005 gs300 i struck gold and manage to get a lower control arm for $75 (the dealer wanted $180) also a rear right side molding for free (dealer wanted $250ish). The car i got the parts from had the main key and i guess a spare to open doors so i took em too. Now i called the dealer and asked them how much would it cost to reprogram the main key to my car so that the doors would unlock and such and also putting the key that belongs to it so the car would turn on and such. He said that they don't do that but i believe they do. Has anyone done this by any chance? I only have 1 key for my car and really need a back up but don't want to go to the dealer.

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The key already has a cut that does not belong to mine since it was from another gs300... Now can that website still use the key if its been already cut? Im talking about the master key.

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The transponder of the key can only be programmed once. The remote portion of the key head can be programmed multiple times. Once the transponder is programmed to another car, it is useless to you. Without a programmed transponder, the key will not start the car.

You need to:

A. Order a new key cut to your VIN online and program it yourself


B. Drive to dealer, pay dealer, drive away without a headache

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