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Whew, What A Day. Cooling, Brakes And Pics From Toda


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Last weekend I put new pads on the LS. The following week I was hearing stranges noises and thanks to the replies here, I found it it was my lack of shims. The old Akebono pads I took off had them and I decided not to put them on the new set. D'oh.

Decided to do that today along with flushing the rad. Last time I did a coolant change I just did it from the radiator drain and not the other two so I wanted to be more thorough. Thanks to Carls (LexLS) and his great write ups I got to work. Passengers side drain was a little tough. More awkard than anything. Used a 3/8" wrench along with an extension and a long 10mm socket to get to it. The drivers side is horrible. I tried for 15 minutes to get the tubing on and I gave up. It was not worth risking anything to get to it since the stuff in my car is Toyo/Lex red. Had it been green I would of been more eager.

I think if you remove the O2 and use a long extension (plus have small hands or someone with to help) it would be possible. I had bigger hands and the shape of the O2s was not worth messing me. All I need is one of those sheering off. I recommend taking the long way and doing what is necessary if you have green coolant on your car.

That said, I was then out on the flushing option since I would not be able to get all the flush liquid out of there. Instead I filled the system with distiled water and let it run about 7 mins and shut the engine off and proceded that way. Filled up with the 50/50 stuff from Toyota ($19.90 a gallon) as well as some 100% red from a couple years ago. That way the coolant ratio is a bit more for winter time.

After that I did the brakes. Removed them and threw on the old shims and deeply ccovered the back in anti-squeal. I called around seeing if A-Zone or AdvanceAuto would turn the rotors but they said they have not done that in years. If they continue to squeak I may use my "$25 off $100+ labor" coupon from our family guy and send it in there. We'll see how well that anti-squeal works.

Waited for my dad to show up and bled the brakes. Again thanks to LexLS on the great write up. Hardest part is removing wheels and jacking up the car. I opened the screw while my dad was in the car pumping. A lot different than I had thought. I assumed when you opened that it would pour out but to be honest it only comes out of the bleeder for about two seonds then stops. By the end we just did two second intervals and got it done quickly. Took about 10-15 times per wheel to get the fluid new. Not once did the resivoir go dry. I was worried about that too.

Here are come pictures I took of the suspension while I had the wheels off. I am getting a 'subdivision' clunk meaning it is an annoying low speed clunk when driving around town. Here is what some of the stuff looks like. Car has 211k on it so maybe that's why :(

Passengers side:



Drivers side:



This shock and the drivers rear were replaced. It still leans to the left and they coudn't figure out why. It's what I think caused that 'burn' in the paint on the trunk. Water likes to collect there and magnifies the paint in any sun.

Notice those two boots. They connect the steering to the struts. They look but but I don't think they are split in two. Everything else looked older but not in too bad of shape. Great cars.

Then on the way home I look down and notice how dull it looks in there and realize 'another console bulb is out!' I saw it today when I was cleaning up in there and didn't know what it was until tonight when I knew it was a bulb.

Here is a pic of it in the car. It lights up the P-L shifter and track.


Here is the bulb by itsself sans green cover. It looks like something I may be able to find at AutoZone. I will look when I go there to dump my brake fluid.


All in all a good day. Not as hot as I thought it would be. I am covered in who knows what and have been working on something or another all day. I'm beat and need a shower! Got some brake fluid in my eye (niceee) so I had to throw on my glasses which is interesting since I rarely do work like that in them.

Any questions let me know! Car is a 1996 LS that I am trying to make nice again!

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