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Rx 300 Transmission Problem?


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I am kind of new to this forum (one other post last year) and am not quite sure how to post these things so bear with me

My wife has a 200 RX 300 and a few months ago it wouldn't go into reverse either. It did it a few times with her and then stopped. I went and had the transmission flushed (not at a dealer) with the assurance and promise from the service tech that I wouldn't have any transmission problems because of the flush. This was done Back in May.

A few days ago I noticed that it would shift hard between 1st and 2nd gear before the engine got warmed up. After the engine warms up it shifts fine. Then yesterday it slipped slightly (again when cold). The check engine light also came on for @ 5 minutes then it went off (wasn't flashing). I have a mechanic friend who works at the Toyota dealership as a technician and he said that the flush probably is the culprit and the tranmission is probably going bad because of the flush.

The car has 130k on it and has never given us any problems until now. Could it be:

-the knock sensor

-speed sensors

-that they didin't put the type IV fluid in it that is required? I called them to see if they put it in Lexus' when they flush them and the man said "they can.....but they need a heads up before the work is done so they can get the fluid in"......


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