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Is250 Vsc Master Warning

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IS 250 Issues

1) Engine running rough first thing in morning for last week

2) Check VSC Warning Message

3) Malfunction indicator Lamp is on

4) Master Warning Light is on (not Flashing)

5) Slip Indicator Light on (not Flashing)


Valve Lifter Issue - Random misfire on #1


O2 Sensor

Action Item

Check Gas Cap

connect a scan tool to the diagnostic connector and read the DTC code


Gas Cap Functional

DTC Code result: #3 Cylinder misfire, engine computer wrote code to compensate. This turned off the VSC/ABS/TRAC.

Action Taken

Lexus reset code (doesn't recommend disconnecting battery)

Misfire could have been bad fuel, sensor issue, or computer issue

Next steps

Wait for problem to occur again and bring the car back to Lexus (ugh)

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