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Steering Wheel Button Question

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I was hoping someone could help me out. I just got Sirius swapped for the XM factory install. Works great and I was able to get the Shark fin to function. Anyway, as it stands, the up down buttons on the steering wheel that used to change the presets with XM now only cycle through the channels (completely ignoring my presets!). Anyone know if / how I can program these to work as they did with XM?

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I think you have to reset the presets to the Sirius channels you want. In "info" mode, press "text" to get the stations preselect screen, then hold your finger on the selected station till it locks on.

The problem isn't with setting presets, but with changing them with the steering wheel controls. The up/down buttons scroll through the all channels and not my presets (e.g. if I'm on Hits 1 (which is set to preset 1) and i hit up on the wheel, it goes to channel 2 and not my next preset).

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Maybe the wheel controls are looking for the old XM box presets. If you already reset the presets to the desired channels in the new Sirius box, I don't know what else would help. Maybe Sirius tech support, or the Lexus dealer or the installing Sirius dealer? I don't have my manual handy.

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