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Couple Problems.... Looking For Solutions

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First of all I have a 1993 lexus es300 with 165k (blue on blue).

1. I think that the passenger window is off track a little so I went to go take the door panel off:

- I removed the screw in the panel handle.

- Next I took off the sail piece that is where the tweeter is.

- Took out the screw and pop cover on the panel right by it.

- next I popped off the bottom of the panel and the side.

THE DOOR panel does not come off all the way because it looks like the lock and handle piece is secured. WHAT DO I DO ABOUT THIS?

2. I just bought this car a couple months ago and up until recently everytime I unlock the driver door, all the other doors unlock and I could get in and start the car right up.

NOW................ if I try to unlock the drivers side door the ALARMgoes off and the doors do not unlock throughout the car, but only that door. I have to get in and put the key in the ignition to kill the alarm beeping from the factory. Secondly I have to go the the passenger door and unlock it so that all the door locks open. THEN THE CAR WILL START....???? what is going on??? is the alarm broken??? linear actuator?

3. The last problem that I have is that the needles on the gas and heat gauge dont light up. They did for a few days when i got the car and then went out. The gauge itself still works. I took the cluster out but cant figure out what to look for or how to go about fixing it. I was a honda expert, but have no clue where to start on this electronic cluster. WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO?

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I'm a new owner (1994 es) also. I have done some research and repairs already. I can help you with the door panel and cluster. I replaced both the driver's and passenger rear left panels. Here's what you do:

1. With door open you will see some plastic caps on the latch side. The caps are in two pieces. They break with too much force. First pull the cap back about 1/8". You will see it sticks into another piece. Pull the other piece out of the door. When depressed the plastic button locks the other piece into the panel.

2. In the grab to pull the door shut there is a small piece of cloth. Take that out and you will see a screw. Remove it.

3. The plastic around the inner door handle pops off. Pry the front off first. There is a hook towards the rear.

4. You already figured out the stereo speaker cover and front screw.

5. Carefully pop out the inner plastic pieces along the bottom.

6. Lift the panel up and out of the window channel.

7. Now the window controls and trunk/gas door wires have to be disconnected.

That should do it.

The cluster needles go bad because the led's burn out. I have taken my cluster out and replaced the backlight bulbs with led's. You have three options with the needles. Buy new ones at Lexus $$$, turn the dimmer switch down, or try to replace the led's. I am currently working on replacing my led's. Trying to change the color to blue.

There is another Lexus forum that has info about it. I don't know if it appropriate that I link from here. Do some searches and you will find it.

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