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Lcd Screen And Radio Is Not Working


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Hi . My LCD screen and radio is not working. I can not turn on the radio .

I have started to experience the same issues...I have a 2001 RX300 and all of a sudden it seems one thing after another is now going wrong. I have found that holding down the Sound button seems to help but I think that is sheer coincidence and not a factual thing to do. I am not aware of any 'reboot' process. This weekend I am pulling the unit out to make sure no wires are bent or damage from a previous removal.

This is very easy to do. The bezel (usually the wood trim surrounding the controls just pops out. I use a flat head to pop out, start from the top and move around the edge to the other side. The piece will slide over the shifter and expose the nuts holding the whole unit in place. When removing, please make note that the entire screen and controls are all one piece.

If anyone else has had this issue or a suggestion of what they may feel or know what the problem is, that would be great to know about that. Thanks


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