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Tv's On Headrest & Center Console

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Yesterday, I had two tv's installed on the headrests of my 06 GS 430. I'm very happy with the end result except that I cannot see the same image on the front built in screen as I can on the rear. Has anyone solved this issue by chance? I had them override the motion restrictions, so I can watch a video in the front but I can't show the same image on all 3 TV's. I don't want to replace the Mark Levinson system all together. I just wished someone made a module/harness so my 3 TV's can become friends. :cries:

I also had them install an i-pod module. I have controls of the playlists from the steering wheel controls, I can see what's playing on the front unit but I cannot watch videos from my i-pod. Does anyone know of a vendor for this?


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When I had my tv's installed, they installed a override switch for the video to the mark levinson system, so now when I want to watch tv, I flip the switch and get all of the same images on all 3 screens.

Do u know if they used some type of module/harness to do that cuz I got headrest tvs but I can't get them to play the same thing that my front nav is playing

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