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Wow What A Difference (tires)


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I have a 99 SC300 that I bought about 18 months ago with 57K miles. I drive about 75 miles round trip to work every day, and the car now has 80K on it. 99% of my driving is highway miles.

As soon as I bought the car I replaced the old tires with a set of BF Goodrich g-force TA KDWS all season tires from Costco. I had them rotated and the pressure checked religiously. I really disliked them from the start because the car tuged and pulled at every line in the road, and the first bit of snow made the car almost undrivable. The road manners were so bad that it took a lot of the enjoyment away from driving the car. I had a 4-wheel alignment done on the car, and that helped a little, but not enough. Those tires lasted only 20K miles before they were completely gone, especially on the inside 1.5 inches of each tire. I could not believe that 20K of highway driving could eat a $600 set of tires.

Since Costco does'nt sell a V rated tire with any kind of milage warrenty, I signed a release and had them install a set of Michelin® Pilot® Exalto® A/S, with an H speed rating, since I rarely see over 130 mph in the car. The difference was immediate and dramatic!

The first thing I notice was that the few inches of snow on the ground was now a non-issue. A little weight in the trunk and I could now easily go places I could not have imagined with the KDWS's. The next thing was the road manners. The car was now relaxed and a pleasure to drive again. I could not believe the difference! I may have given up a little in turn-in response, or maybe a little in ultimate dry grip, but for my driving, any sacrafice was well worth what I gained. I love these Michelins and would recommend them to anyone.

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The KDWS's are definately 'Ultra performance' tires. Not that the LS doesn't have the power to light em up if needed, but it's really not a performance sedan. I upgraded to 18" Toyo Versado LX's (from Discount Tire) & have been extremely happy with them also - my other choice would have been to stay in the Michelin line.

Nice to hear you came back around to getting pleasure from the best vehicle out there!!

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