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Trailer Hitch With Adaptive Cruise Control


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I recently bought an '05 RX-330 and had planned on installing a hitch to do occasional light towing and having it available for a hitch-type bike rack. I realize my question won't apply when using it for a bike rack hitch, but can I physically hook up a wiring harness to my RX that has adaptive cruise control or is it prohibited somehow/somewhere? I've looked through many posts and haven't seen this specific topic addressed. I wasn't aware of this being prohibited before I bought the car. Any help would be appreciated. I'm obviously new to this forum & I have found it to be extremely helpful in other topics I've perused.

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Check out this post.

Note the first entry and the one from August 15, 2007 where you can view the installation instructions (pdf file) that specifically states that the hitch does not work with active cruise control.

I have no idea why it doesn't work except that with a heavy trailer the car may have enough inertia that it would not slow down quickly. The hitch may work as designed and Lexus simply makes that statement to cover themselves in case of an accident.

The integrated electrical hook-up for the trailer lights may not be provided but it can be purchased separately from a Lexus dealer. Obviously, the car would not be equipped with a towing package either so no transmission cooler, HD alternator, and who knows what else. The towing limit is 2000 pounds vs. 3500 pounds with a towing package.

There should be no problem installing the hitch for a bike rack since it merely bolts to the frame. It wouldn't interact with the active cruise control unless something involved with the control is mounted to the last foot of the frame in the rear besides the two metal shipping tie-downs.

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