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Dvdhybrid 5.1/7.1 On 5th Gen Nav,

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ello All. Well I used the search function which showed me to how succussfully backup my original disks, I always run backups so i dont scratch my originals. Anyways after much reading I decided to make a 5.1/7.1 map disk and see if I could get it to work on the Gen5 Nav which a few others have reported as working. I disconnected the left batter terminal for 5 minutes, replugggd and then when I got in the car it told me no nav disk, or operting system or soemthing like that. I threw in my hybrid disk figuring it would start to load but it seems to just be sitting there. The 3 top right buttons are not working so i cannot do a map eject and throw in my 7.1 either. Is there a way to get the disk out or am i doing something wrong?

Muvh thanks in advance


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