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Abs/vsc Lights On! Loud Warning Noise! Help!

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Just recently had ABS VSC lights come on and the warning siren started. Spoke with toyota tech and he confirmed that the braking system in the car works independently from the ABS. Also noted that the brake funtion (Power Braking) will remain the same however I simply will not have the ABS or VSC features. Also on top of the beeeeeppp sound there is off/on sound like a dieing cat. Toyota guy said that is the accumulator for the ABS which keeps trying to build pressure but may have a blown or leaking seal thus causing the accumulator to move continuously. The toyota tech stated that it is not really a danger to drive the vehicle. Can anyone tell me if either the ABS system can be unplugged or simply how I can remove the Warning Noise Cable until I gather enough funds to buy whatever part (brake booster, master cyl, pressure sensor). Please help! I am losing my sanity! Any assistance would be greatly appreciated

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Basically looking for information on disconnecting the Warning Noise Cable to put an end to the ear piercing siren of the ABS failure alarm...... PLEASE HELP! I know people have had this problem before on the forum and even noted that they eliminated the noise and or disconnected the ABS system completely until they had the part installed.

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