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Quick Engine Vibration Question


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Hello everyone, I haven't posted here in awhile but just as an update, I still love my 94 LS400.

Anyway, I've searched the forums and from what I can tell, I need to replace my engine and tranny mounts. My symptoms are the car feels like it's misfiring sometimes. I can feel the car shaking at a stop, through my chair, the wheel, and shifter.

I did the put it in park and accelerate slowly test, and I did notice an increase in shake as the RPMs approached 2300.

Anyway, unless someone thinks it may be something different, I would appreciate an answer to this question.

How safe is it to drive with worn mounts like this? I sort of need to know ASAP because I'm planning to drive a few hundred miles out of town tomorrow evening and I'd rather not do it in a vehicle that is going to have the engine fall out or explode.

My understanding is that the mounts are still able to hold the engine, but the rubber, or bushings, or whatever is/are worn and that causes the unpleasant vibrations. I've been driving the car around town still (for a bit over a week), because I'm honestly just short on the money needed to have them all replaced.

If it's unsafe for me to be driving at high speeds though, and especially at long distances, then i'll be forced to take my wife's van on this trip. That will suck.

Someone please let me know what the ramifications are likely to be if I take my car on a 400 mile round trip going around 75-80mph the whole way.

Also, if anyone thinks it could be something else, I'd certainly appreciate a heads up on that too.



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