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2006 Gs 430 Dunlop Run Flat Inside Tire Wear


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I have a 2006 Lexus GS 430 and have recently had to replace a tire because the inside was worn down on the edge of the tire (basically the top edge of the tire) on about half the tire. The inside of the tire basically was grooved down and about a 4 inch spot that was really worn and put a puncuture in the tire. I know this is not a great description, but the inside of the tire on the edge was basically pushed down or worn. I have the Dunlop 5000 run flat tires that came with the car and had not had any isuues with them. The tire went flat on the back after I had the car in for service, but I beleive this is from the front of the car, because my two front tires are now doing the same thing.

Has anyone had this happen or know what the cause could be?

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This happened to me with my 2006 GS430 I only have 22K miles on it and I never would have noticed it if one of the tires did not pop. Theses 18" Yokohama ADVAN tires were worn out on the inside. I am calling Lexus because the tires look fine until the car is in the air.

They are going to kill someone if they do not do something about this.

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