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91 Ls Parking Brake


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Doing anyone know the trick for getting the rear parking brake shoe pin back in? You know, that little pin that is used in conjuction with a couple of hold-down cups and a spring to keep everything in place? I've done brakes numerous times before, but have never had this problem...

I was redoing the rear brakes on my 91 LS. When I removed my rotors to have them turned, I noted that the friction material on three out of the four shoes had fallen off of the steel shoe "holder". They must have just been floating around in there. :o So...after an unsuccessful search at NAPA, etc., I ordered replacements from the dealer.

Getting everything apart was a bit of a pain, but now I cannot for the life of me get that pin to go through the hole in the shoe unless the parking brake cable is removed from the parking brake lever first. Even then, the pin doesn't have a snowballs chance to set 90° to the shoe - it is angled down maybe 35° when the shoe is placed in the proper position. I SUPPOSE it's possible that I bent the pin somehow when removing everything, but I really, really doubt it.


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