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Problem With Water Leaking In 06 Gs300!

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Okay here's the deal, i have been getting water in the rear floor area of the vehicle. i know its not rain or a spill or anything. i had it looked at, at a toyota dealership, they ran a hose all over it and could not find any kind of leaks. i think it may be condensation or something from the rear floor a/c vents. If anyone has any idea of what this could be from or have heard of it before please let me know.

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I'd suspect sunroof drains being disconnected. Is there water in your spare tire area also?

took it to alderson in lubbock, tx. here's what they said, the last time it had an oil change, the air filter wasn't replaced, this caused the a/c valve or somethin to clog thus not letting the water drain like its supposed to. the water had to go somewhere and it was soaked up thru the carpet behind the front passenger seat! valve was unclogged, carpet was dried, filter replaced, everythings good to go. word of obvious advice to everyone who reads this, " Don't assume the dealership will do everything right!!" And just FYI it was not Alderson Lexus with whom I had problems with, they do a great job over there.

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