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Aftermarket Rims Without Tps

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After install my TSW wheels, and knowing that the TPSs were not installed, i was expecting the warning light to turn on. Sure enough it didn’t. The longer i drove, i was thinking to my self, those sneaky installers, they must have put them in out of love. but then just going around a corner it turns on. Ok, it took some time, 3 days, for it to realize there was nothing there. Park the car for the night, still on, stayed on for another day. All of a sudden one day its off. Gone for a while until tonight, driving down the road, and it turns on. Has anyone else had this problem with the aftermarket rims without TPSs?

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My lights also came on after a few days. I was able to initialize the sensor since my stock tires are at home. So for temp solution, I park my car close to the stock wheels and initialize the sensors every morning or so. It works for about 20-30 km of driving only.

If you buy and install a set of TPMS, you will need to ask your dealer to program them into the ECU. The cheaper option would be to transfer your orig TPMS from your stock wheels to your new wheels (unless they are your snow wheels).

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