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Anyone Know What This Part's Purpose Is?

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Its called a lower arm bracket stay (p/n 48657-14020). I'm missing the ones on my car. Also what is the purpose of the "front lower arm bushing stopper"? I didn't understand what its purpose was either.

All of the vibration and movement across the road is absorbed in the suspension of all four wheels, each independantly of course. The wheels in the front are held by a set of arms each, think of them as in a wishbone shape. These arms must have a ridgid support to the body of the car. There must be a various list of parts, including bracket stays and bushings to properly allow the suspension to absorb any force without damage. Take last week for example I was forced to run over a large shredded tire which came out from the underneath of the vehicle in front of me, traffic to both sides and the rear... going about 80. Get all these parts. Trust me. I used to work on submarines. Your Lexus will be there for you when you need it, mine sustained no damage but some black rubber scuffs on the nose which i waxed off. Good luck.

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