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Need An Sc300/sc400


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I'm new here... I have been looking for an SC300/SC400 lexus model for quite a while now, but have had no luck in finding a mixture between the right model, price, and location. I am located in Long Island, NY, and would like to either find this car localy, or have it shipped if necessary. If any of you are selling an SC300 or SC400, or know of one which is being sold, please let me know.


Model: SC300 or SC400

Year: '94 - '96

MI: Below 110k

Extras: Pretty much the basics. No mechanical problems, No more damage then the basic wear and tear. Etc.

If you know of a lexus up for sale that fits this description, you're referal will be greatly appreciated.

My contact info: Josh, (917) 406-7411

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