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Hey all, went to open up the 97 ES 300 and the alarm went off. So I locked and unlocked with the key, hopped in and tried to start it. It didnt even attampt to crank. I think the anit-theft kicked in and disabled power to the starter. Is there anyway to reset the antitheft system?

To let you know, I have search the enitre 97 ES service manual, as well as check all the fuses, tried locking and unlocking manually with the key, as well as tapping the starter with a hammer. Nothing happens. O, and I have a fully charged battery :wacko: . I havent disconected the battery because the other anti-theft systems will kickin.

So, again, does anyone know how to rest the dam thing?

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what other antitheft system will kick in if you disconnect the battery?? If there is no power to the alarm....I would just disconnect the battery anyways

the alarm is the first thing. Accidentally disconnected, went off in my ear :censored: . Also, it kills off power to the ignition system which just happened and possibly the fuel system as well.

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