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The Lollipop Rally


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So we went on this rally thing and got back two days ago. It was supposed to start in Detroit run to Indy and then to Chicago.

We rolled into Detroit just following the worst blackout in US history none the wiser. I was on empty having arrived at our destination and found that no gas station was able to pump gas. So here begins the dilemma.

As one may imagine - no power = lots of problems. Ever seen a hotel building without lights? Pretty damn dark. Intro to the meet up and run day - mass confusion. Total loss.

Finally 12 hours later - troop got moving with half the entrants never showing and some that did show gone awol. Not that I would blame them. Indy destination was cut out completely.

We did get our talk about radios and finally secured enough gas to get to a gas station that was pumping. Of course they only had 86 and my baby needs 91+. Luckily, I had a bottle of 104 booster to spike with. But I suspect my plugs will need changing at least now after the run. Lots of comments about smoke plume when I gassed it.

The run from Detroit to Chi-town was insane. Very fun. Cool to run in #'s with communication and what not. I'd do it again, but probably not with the company or leadership that was involved with this run.

Long story short - totally botched run. We made the best of it.

Pics here

Sorry no road footage except for the end, the day we left chicago and ran into some high powered oposition.

[Thought]Maybe a USLOC road rally would be a good idea?[/Thought]

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