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Malfunction Light Comes On And Goes Foo, Comes On Again!


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2000 RX 300, 4WD, 54k

My "Malfunction" light comes on and goes off. If I just leave it and ignore the light what wil happen?

The Air Ratio Sensors were replaced for (2 x $ 227. = $454. 00 and Diagnosis Charge of

$ 152.00 for a total of $606.00) this was at 47, 855 miles. The codes were "Air Fuel Ratio Sensors" the codes were (1). P0440 - Evap. control sys. problem (2). P1130 & P1150 Air / Fuel sensors B1s1 & B1S2 performance malfunction.

I went over this thread- but mine is not the same as addressed (http://us.lexusownersclub.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=23231)


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Emission related error codes indicate that the engine is not performing at its peak. So, you may get a poor gas mileage and low output power, but it's probably not going to hurt anything. Also, you will not pass emission inspection if it is required in your state or county.

I am having a similar problem with our RX300 that I am trying to resolve. Sensors going bad at 48K is not typical. Usually they last for about 100K or more. Also, both sensors going bad at the same time is a bit unlikely.


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