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Just Bought A High Mileage 2000 Lx 470


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I just bought my first LX 470 from my Grandfather. It has 223,000 miles on it. He drove it from Birmingham to tampa, FL and back every other week. What should I check first? I know it's going to need a starter. everything else seems to work fine. I am going to do a complete tune-up before I start driving it. Just wondering if there are certain things that need to be checked immediatly.

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Has the timing belt been changed? It should be done @ 90K mi intervals. Usually, people also have the water pump changed at the same time since it's behind the t-belt (water pump should last @ 120K otherwise). The t-belt will last longer than 90K. One guy w/ a LX pushed his to 198K before changing it, belt was about to snap at any time. Spark plugs are done at 120K intervals, ATF should be done ideally every 30K (I wouldn't push it past 60K). Same w/ the diff/t-case fluids and coolant. Use only toyota red coolant mixed w/ distilled water or toyota pre-mixed coolant. Avoid mixing red & green at all costs.

BTW, you might have the most mileage of any LX/LC know on the internet. Better join ih8mud's landcruiser 100 forum. We want to know how your vehicle is holding up after that mileage!

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