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Need Help For 1998 Lexus Gas Paddle Vibration

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He all! I am new to the board. And I just brought a 1998 Lexus GS 300 which only has 40,000 miles on it and with all lexus dealer records. However, the Gas Paddle some time has virbration on it, especially when it is in low speed around 15 - 35MPH. And it runs great in high speed!

I did tried to take it back to Lexus Delear in Daly City in CA but after test drive the machanic just told me only thing they can do is change the gas paddle and they suggested me to ingore it since it is not a big deal... I also try to shift it in N gear then it will not happen. Once it is in Gear, it would happen from time to time. Will that be the transmission problem or what?

Would some one can tell me how to solve this problem or at least know what's going on since it is such a low mileage for a Lexus. Really appreciate your kind information!


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