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Electrical Problem


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I have a 1993 LS400 that seems to have an electrical problem of some sort. The gas guage, the tach, and the speedometer work only when they feel like it. They act independently from each other - that is, they malfunction on their own, not together. The gas gauge usually doesn't work but sometimes hops up to 1/4 full.

The speedometer and tach sometime work and sometime don't. Often it will take 5 to 10 minutes before they "comes on".

The needles are always lit and all other lights and gauges function well. I've had the sending unit replaced twice (once at Lexus) to no avail.

Any clues as to what direction to take? I live in St. Petersburg, FL and refuse to pay the dealer's outrageous price.

Thanks - josemaria413@hotmail.com

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