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Crossover Settings For Pioneer Stock Speakers


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Hello. I have a 1994 SC400 which came with the pioneer stereo. I just replaced my head unit with a Kenwood KDC-MP4032 and added an Alpine MRP-F450 amp to power the 6 main speakers (the stock subwoofer is getting power from the stock amp only). I've got it set as 2 channels up front and 2 channels in the back (1 for each woofer). I have 2 questions that I was hoping someone could help with:

1) What are the crossover frequency points for the stock pioneer speakers (tweeter/mid range up front and woofers out back)? Should I be setting HIGH-PASS for the front and LOW-PASS for the woofers in the back or leave them full range? What should the crossovers be given the stock pioneer speakers in the Lexus? I don't know what the frequency response of those stock pioneer speakers are.

2) The Kenwood stereo has 4V pre-outs. How much minimum gain should I set the Alpine amp to?

Any light that can be shed on these questions would be greatly appreciated. I'm getting decent sound out of my stock speakers but not as good as before I got rid of the original head unit/amp.


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I'm not really sure of the exact frequencies in the stock 4 channel amp, but the rear speakers get a high pass feed sent from the factory amp. I would guess the crossover point to be somewhere b/w 100 150 Hz just using my ear to guestimate with. I would say somewhere in that neighborhood should do. The louder your music is going to be, the higher I'd set the crossover point b/c these speakers are intended for midrange and high frequencies. Loud Low frequencies could mess them up. You compensate for this by adjusting the crossover to a higher frequency

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