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Rear Valve Cover Gasket

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Hello All,

I have a 97 es300 and i have the front valve cover gasket off, im thinking about tackling the rear but I wanna know if i put the front back on today, and attempt the back tomorrow will i have to take the front off again?! Thanks in advance!?

another question, if I may, LOL, the spark plug rings,

they dont fit in the holes of the valve cover! Do iwrap them around the spark plug housings or do I keep trying to pry them into the valve cover? does the opening of the rings face up or down?!

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No, you should not have to remove the front. You will have to remove the front injector brackets to get the intake plenum -- not manifold -- off.

Unless you got the wrong parts, the spark plug seals should fit. You will have to run a small wire or toothpick around the opening to get them to stretch over the spark plug tubes.


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