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Why I Love This Board...


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Here's why I love this board - Sunday afternoon, the only time I get a couple of minutes to look at my car in an attempt to find out where the buckle for the rear center seat has disappeared to (I will MAKE 3 child car seats fit back there!), and I can't figure out how to remove the back seat cushion.

Online, I do a quick search (ALWAYS search first, 99% of the time, somebody else has needed the same help you now need). And the boards reward me.


I quit pussyfooting around, follow agc's and branshew's instructions, yank like hell, and it pops right out. I was too afraid to do that without directions earlier.

Where else am I gonna get this kind of information on a Sunday afternoon? I couldn't do this without the forum unless we all lived on the same street - which, lets face it, would be a little strange...some of us are pretty scary. But how cool would it be to see an LS in every driveway you passed?!

Many thanks to all the contributors and moderators that make this such a great resource for the owners.

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