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My 1991 Ls400 Full-spec Car W/pic...


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I'm a long-time owner and a new-ish member. I think this is my first post, at least in a long time.

My car - a 1991 LS400 - was bought new by my Dad in 1991. I inherited it in 1998 and drove it daily until 2002 when it became a spare car, and only gets driven about 500 miles a year. I pay my neighbor $60 a month to let me park it in his garage, where it lives under it's original factory car cover.

Here are it's details: 1991 LS400 'Full-Spec' car: Air-suspension, factory chrome wheels, Nakamichi system, rear window shade, TRAC, seat heaters, trunk mat, etc. Color: Walnut with tan interior. Current miles: 185,000.

Current issues with it:

- A/C is not blowing cold

- Only 1 of the speakers work (left rear door)

- Steering rack is slowly leaking

- Left front spindle needs to be replaced

- Dome light won't come on with either front door

Stuff I've done to it:

- Normal stuff: Tranny flush, timing belt, new rotors/pads, air filters, battery, cooling system flush, etc.

- Replaced A/C part (looked like a small radiator - accessed thru passenger footwell)

- Replaced 2 front air shocks at $900 each

It will sit for 6 months at a time, and always starts on the first try, right away. Runs smooth and quiet, handles excellent! I prefer it to my wife's 2005 Acrua TL!

Anyway, I'm looking for some tips on getting it's current issues resolved at the lowest cost, while still doing it right. Thanks in advance for your tips and advice!


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