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Southern, I'm having the exact same symptom on the front-end of my '93SC4 (140k mi). I'll probably be getting the wheel bearings changed within a couple months. I've found bearings (at my local foriegn auto parts supplier) for $75/ea. And my mechanic is talking $150/ea for the install.

I'm in no rush though. Not just because I don't have the $450 for the job right now, but also because I've had front bearings go bad in my Integra before, and went two years before replacing them - just didn't have the spare dough at the time. Much to my surprise though, the rubbing noise never got any louder throughout that two years than it was during the first couple weeks.

Now, maybe this is a bit niave on my part, but I figure if an Integra can go 2-yrs on bad front bearings, my SC can surely do a few months no prob.

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