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hello fellow LOC,

One of my patient is a lexus advisor at Metro Lexus.

She told me, "Lexus is giving a 15% discount for all "Mature lexus" (lexus over 100,000 mile on the odometer) service."

I'm having the following replace

timing belt,

cam and cranks seals,

pulley and tensioner,

H2O pump,

drive belt and tensioner

coolant flush,

Also, considering changing


cap and rotors

plug wires

She told me these should last until 120,000 miles

Should i change these while they are in there?

MY 98 ls 400 currently has 105,000 on the clock.

I did not ask if this discount is nation wide or just local lexus dealer.

So check with your advisor.

This discount is only until the end of this month.

any inputs greatly appreciated.



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