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Man let me tell you... Its finally awesome out so tonight I was able to look at the Capital building, Washinton Monument and the Potomac River as I cleaned and waxed the LS400. The only problem is I did not have my camera, but let me explain.

So as the sun was setting it was awesome... The Black Jade looks awesome.

After putting a few scratches (last fall) in my car with the squeege I finally have a great method.... What I do is put water and soap in a bucket... Then I rince LS off and use soft hand cloth to wash car... After spraying wax and wash on the car I then leave it wet.. Take out some good wax and go to town with a small wet terry pad (waxing)... Make sure the terry cloth towels are clean (cleaning)...

Good tips for the pre 2000 LS's.. You know the black rail by windshield. Get a black paint pen and color in the chiped paint... I just saw a 95 that looked like crap because of chips by windshield.. Polish the wheels.

In the end I kid you not.... There is no freaking water spots and the LS looks like a million dollars... This car looks as good now as it ever has... Can't wait to get my new rotors and show you all the pictures.

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