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Starting Issues; Fuel, Starter Or Something Else?


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I know a lot of you guys have had your starters replaced. If these problems/symptoms relate or differ from yours, please speak up.

Situation: The car usually starts up within 1.5-2 seconds of cranking. It turns over and runs like a watch. Just had the timing belt, WP, all seals, etc. replaced [by yours truly].

One out of 10 starts, so far only whenever the car is not completely cold or has been driven in the last 2 or 3 hours, will either crank for 8-10 seconds [slowly increasing in speed towards actually starting] and then start, or just keep cranking until I stop trying. Today it didn't start after cranking it for 10 seconds 3 times. Right before I called the two truck I tried one last time for sh**ts and giggles and it started immediately.

The car is a 91 LS with 133k, battery cables are ok, cold fuel injector replaced a couple years back, no other issues.

Before I rip open my only car, could this be a fuel/fuel pressure regulator issue? I cannot find information on it nor where it is even located. I am mechanically inclined, but only have basic tools, such as the ones need for the TB/WP job, no torch or anything powered. I guess I'd have to go by the factory service manual, there goes another 100 bucks.

If I were to replace the starter/starter contacts and still have this issue, I would probably get very, very, very angry.

Thanks for any help and or suggestions, this is a major decision for me.

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I guess I'd have to go by the factory service manual, there goes another 100 bucks.

Will chip in here with a tip for the best $10 you will ever spend, 24hours of access to


download the entire 1991 section and you will have a gold mine of info in PDF form.

From the 92 manual it states the most likely culprit for long cranking is

1) a bad starter,

2) air conditioning signal circuit

3) engine mechanical

Had a look at the aircon section, couldn't make sense of it, basically looks like its implying a problem with the compressor.

I have not had a problem with my starter, hopefully someone who has will chip in soon.

good luck!

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