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Differential Oil Capacity In Gs300 2000?

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Just yesterday I changed transmission fluid in 2000 gs300. Though now I’m not quite sure I did it properly, though.

I jacked the car up on the side of the differential drain and fill plugs, drained and refilled.

I put in about 1.7 quarts (very rough estimate) and the oil started spilling out, so I put the fill plug back in. I used the same “turkey baster” “pump” that is shown here: http://bananags.netfirms.com/services.html (click on Differential oil), which was very inconvenient, since I ended up squeezing the bottles to get the oil in and ended up using three quart bottles (I could only squeeze in that much from each one), each got very deformed afterwards and had oil left in it (hence the very rough estimate).

But now my friend tells me that it is actually supposed to take 2.8 quarts. Two techs at the dealer said 2.0 and 2.1 respectively.

On one hand I’m worried that I did not put in enough, although it did start pouring out of the fill plug.

On the other hand, - since I am now being told that the car should not have been jacked up and should have been on a flat surface, when drained and refilled, - I am thinking that because the side with drain/fill plugs was a tad higher than the other side, not everything did pour out and that was the reason that not all of the 2 quarts went in.

I drove the car to the office today, all seemed fine.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Should I re-do the whole thing, draining and filling, with the car on a flat level surface and using a proper oil pump, like this http://doityourself.com/invt/6847610 ? Or just try to pump in more oil using this proper oil pump?


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Capacity is 1.43 US quarts. It should be filled while level.


Just an update:

When I got home, after having waited for it to cool for about half an hour, I crawled under the car, while on level, opened the fill plug and the oil started coming out.

So, I guess it was full.

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