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Odometer / Cluster

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hello all ,

I bought a used cluster unit sometime back for the needles , when i installed that cluster unit , the odometer never lit up , so i took mine out of the original cluster and put it in that one and it still did not light up . So i just popped of the needles and put them on the origanal unit .. Well I was playing with the cluster unit the other day for new lights and somoehow I fried the circut board. Needless to say I had to put the cluster Unit in I bought from the Salvage yard and The odometer will not light up . I even switched it with my original one and nothing . I Plugged the fried unit it with the original odo. and it lights up and the one from the salavage yard will light up with the original unit.. Why Cant I get the odometer display to light up with the one I bought out of a Salvage yard? Can this be fixed? Was a Chip removed to prevent Odo. tampering? I cant see no difference in my original circut board and the one I bought out of a salvage yard. I would really like to have my milage displayed , so I am able to keep on time maintance.

Any thoughts about this would be appreciated.. ( sorry my spellin sucks )

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