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Replacing Stock Radio In Rx400h (non-nav)

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No doubt I already know the answer to this question, but...does anyone make a dash kit that will adapt the proprietary opening for the stock radio for a single-DIN radio? I do not have NAV. I have seen dash kits for other Lexus models with simlar radio bezels, but the one for the 400h seems especially narrow...I'm not even sure a single-DIN radio will even fit in there!

It's funny, but the rectangular LCD that displays the mileage & climate control mode looks like it could easily accomodate a single-DIN radio. Too bad it would be tough to ditch that display...

I know there are some XM/iPod options out there that integrate fairly well with the stock radio, such as the on from vaistech. However, I like to see artist & title, and have them scroll (when necessary), and I don't think the vaistech can do that, especially on a single-line display. For even as bad as the displays on most aftermarket HUs are today when it comes to "intelligently" displaying song inforamtion, even one of those would be better than what it appears the stock radio can do.

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