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Alarm/door Lock Problem, Extremely Frustrating


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I've done a lot of work in the short amount of time I've owned this car to it, and mostly enjoyed it, but I have one 'issue' left.

Once I lock the doors, if I try to open the car on the driver's door, the alarm goes off, EVERYtime.

This started happening about 2 days after I bought it, what a surprise. I have to walk around to the passenger side and it is often embarrasing.

I went through the records and it turns out a shop already 'fixed' the problem about two years ago. The part was 4.XX$ and the rest was labor.

I'm sure I am competent enough to do it, as I've already tore the engine down and put it back together, but I don't know what to look for at all. I use the car fairly often and don't want to have the inner door missing while I try to figure it out.

Any one have experience with this? What do I look for and what do I replace or adjust when I get the door paneling off? Thanks in advance.

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Mine is like this at the moment because of a part on the door window pulling the wires on the door locking system. I'm going to fix this when the new window part arrives. Try looking at the door lock and check for broken or loose wires.

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