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Es300: Po441, Po440 Codes After Engine Replacement

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This past summer my wife's 1996 ES300 engine was replaced (with a 1997 Camry enginer, supposedly identical). Shortly thereafter, the MIL light came on and I scanned a PO441 error code (insufficient canister purge flow). I took the car back to the garage that replaced the engine and they discovered they had reversed two vacuum lines that were attached to the canister purge solenoid. This situation was corrected but, after a few more days of use, the MIL light was on again and code PO441 was indicated. This time the garage determine the vacuum purge solenoid on the manifold had failed, so it was replaced. A few days later, the MIL light was on again and a PO441 code was generated. Next, the garage determined that the vacuum purge solenoid on the canister had failed. They replaced this solenoid.

Since this last work, the engine now idles at 1,400 rpm. A few days after the last solenoid valve replacement, the MIl light was on and a PO441 code was generated again. The garage has now given-up (after charging me $1,200 in labor for engine replacement) and they suggested I should take the car to the dealership. Of course the dealer doe not want to spend time attempting to repair the work of another garage so I have been attempting to repair this problem myself.

I examined every vacuum line for leaks and replaced two lines with small cracks. I also replaced the new purge solenoid valve on the canister with the old valve (since the last trip to the garage resulted in the engine running worse). This did not correct the fast idle problem but, after clearing the MIL light, it did not appear again for two weeks. This time a code PO440 was generated instead of PO441. Since PO440 typically indicates a loose gas cap, I pressurized the vacuum line to the gas tank and verified that, after 10 minutes, the tank was still pressurized. I assumed this indicates there is no leak in the sealed emission system to the gas tank.

Now that the weather has turned cold, the car requires many attempts to start and it then runs very rough (similar to a manual choke not being used -- lean). PLease help me with any suggestion you might have regarding what could be causing these problems. javascript:emoticon(' :cries:')


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You've still got a vacuum leak. Check everything for vacuum leaks including the main air hose & IAC hoses. Everything... Even if that means taking every single vacuum line off one at a time (Except the big hose & IAC line) & pluging them one at a time to find it.

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