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Ls400 Audio System Trouble

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Hi everyone,

I'm a long way away in London (UK) and actually originally from Australia where there are many Lexus' driving around... It's always been a dream of mine to own one and as of today, I do!

I finally succumbed and bought one this morning. Perhaps I rushed into it...£1250, 134K miles, white, FSH (though I think the stamps look remarkably fresh and the writing in the book too consistent!) blah blah blah.

I posted a question on the LS400 section of the forum, but in case you don't read it, I'll put it here as well and perhaps someone could help me out:


I've just purchased my first Lexus - a K-Reg LS400. It's not flash, but should get me around for a short while at least. The stereo is not working, with 'HELP' printed on the display. I don't have the original radio code, but the guy I bought it from gave me a sheet which has some instructions on it (on top of the owners handbook).

It says:

1) 1,4,6 Power button

2) Display 'Dealer' (I can't get this step to show anything other than 'SEC'

3) Tune up +1

4) Enter 597

5) Tune Down +1

6) Enter 468

7) Press Ti or SDK (I can't find an 'SDK' button)

There are some further numbers on the sheet:


248 or 284



(then, in a box: 248 and 448)





I'm quite mystefied and keep getting 'err' messages when I try these numbers. Is there a quick solution? He told me the radio was dead b/c a new battery was recently fitted...

Lovely drive though. A radio would certainly break the silence!

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


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