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Fog Light Wiring


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Hey all,

I have a 03 Canadian SD with no fog lights and therefore no fog light switch.

Well I bought a used set and am wondering how Im going to get them working. I've checked, and the fog wiring harnesses are in the bumper (as I expected they would be), but there is no switch on the turn signal arm.

I don't want to install a switch, what I'd rather do is just hardwire them to always be on. I imagine this should be similar to the standard fog light mod, but I need some help to figure it out.

Has anyone done this mod? Does anyone have the wiring diagrams for the IS300 lighting?

Thanks for any help.

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one way to do it would be to hook them on to the power for the parking lights or the daytime running lights. those should have sufficent gauge wire and should be fairly easy to trace. go out with a volt meter and find the thickest wire up where the wires are and find one with 12V (most all of them) at the time you'd like them to be on (ie with headlights on, with parking lights on, etc)

tap that wire, and run a ground, you should be all set. best idea would be to see which wires run to the headlights for power.

the other way, and possibly better way to do it, is run a wire to the fusebox, tap 12V, fuse it, run a ground to the chassis, and you're all set (just make sure you take a line that is only 12V when the ignition is on)

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