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Help On Dvd-audio Discs Or Poss Mp3/wma?

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I know, unfortuanately that the 2006 gs300 with the marklev system does not play mp3 files, but i know it plays dvd-audio. anyone know how to format or burn a disc to hold a lot of music but play on this system. i basically need to know what coding (i.e. mp3, wav, wma...) to use for the files on the DVD disc so that it will play on the MarkLev system. really appreciate the help - this has been the only dissappoinment so far on the car. thanks

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What do you mean, that it does not play MP3s? My salesperson told me that it does. I'm really annoyed. I bought the GS instead of the 530xi because if the electronics. Now, I find that the 530 does something that the Lexus does not! I'm soooooo angry. Now I understand why I can't get it to work. I thought it was a software problem. I do not have a DVD burner to try to burn my MP3s on DVD. I may have to go out and buy one. Anyone know if itunes can burn MP3s to DVD?

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