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We enforce a very strict policy regarding solicitation of our membership by forum participants except in those forum sections where advertising is expressly permitted.

Participants may not use the forum to publish or discuss any information regarding their products or services, or any product or services they are, or have been, associated with.

Participants may not use the forum for commercial or financial gain unless authorised as an official dealer by LOC.

Participants may not use the forum to direct others to any pages at their own commercial website (or any website they may have an interest in) including informational pages. commission hyperlinks or referral hyperlinks. General linking from a member's profile is allowed. The LOC Committee reserves the right to alter any profile it sees unfit for display on LOC, without warning.

Participants may not use the forum to direct or solicit others to contact them regarding their product or services.

Participants who are associated with a Main Dealer may not use the main forums to direct others to the advertising forums.

Participants may not use discussions to recommend or praise other product or services, or any company, unless they have directly used the product before. This includes companies recommending other companies.

Participants may not solicit the membership for feedback or suggestions on their product or services.

Participants may not use a "signature" with plan descriptions or any pricing information at the end of forum messages. Signatures must be kept to a maximum of 6 (six) lines, and may contain no more than 3 (three) images. Signatures may be edited or deleted without notice by a committee member.

Participants may not use the forum to solicit users for any project or purpose external to the forum; public, private, or commercial. LOC's userbase is not a resource to be "mined" by individuals, groups, or businesses.

Forum conduct and message content

We take the "be polite" rule VERY seriously! We do not tolerate ANY rudeness or swearing (including modifying words to escape our profanity filter). Any member who is intentionally unpleasant or disruptive will receive one warning, and will be permanently banned from LOC after a second offence.

Swearing, either explicitly, or by using words to deceive our profanity filter will be edited by a moderator and the offending member will be informed by PM.

Repeated swearing (again either explicitly or by trying to deceive our profanity filter) will be edited or deleted without warning or PM and may lead to the member being banned from using the forum and / or banned from LOC.

In addition. members must not post images or use avatars that may cause offence to others. If any member finds an image or an avatar offensive, they should complain by PM to a committee member (listed below). The committee members will request that the image or avatar is removed, or may decide to remove it him/herself.

Copyright and intellectual property

In light of our policy of encouraging candid, open exchanges of views and the rapid distribution of information originating from many sources, LOC cannot determine the accuracy of information that may be uploaded to the forum and accepts no responsibility whatsoever for the content, origin or use of any message.

Opinions, advice and all other information expressed by participants in discussions are those of the author. Members rely on such information at your their risk. Participants are urged to seek professional advice for specific, individual situations and not rely solely on advice or opinions given in the discussions.

If any copyright through our website is breached then please contact webmaster@teamlexus.co.uk for immediate attention.

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