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Avalon Vs. 93ls


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This week I have a 06 Touring Avalon. Car is really nice, but my 93LS is nicer. In general the Avalon seems to react quicker to the peddle (sorta fun). The RPM's increase faster, but maybe this is due to the fact I always keep transmission in econ mode with OD off. The LS feels much more like a LUXURY car. When you hit a bump or take a corner it's so smooth. The Avalon feels more like a full size car (larger interior) and you can feel most bumps.

The Avalon's interior is nothing special. It seems to be cheap, but since this is a rental maybe its just the standard model? I do like the dual heat/ac controls. The comfort of the seats in the LS is far superior then the Avalon. The overall feel of the steering wheel and center consul is better in the 93LS. Since I did not drive the Avalon at night I cant really say if I like the dash at night, but I love the bright LS dash at night.


Any golfers here my LS looks awesome from the club house!

Avalon about $30,000 FWD

Gas Mileage:22 mpg city / 31 mpg hwy

Engine/s:3.5L V6, 24 valve, 268@6200hp (Does this mean 268hp)

Transmission:5 speed Automatic

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I woulda thought that a brand new Avalon would be better handling than a 12 year old LS. Crazy how good they made the LS.

I think a lot of the Avalon's...crapiness...would be because it is a North American made (built) vehicle. I think it was designed here too because I know it isnt on Toyota Japan's site.

I've only lived in North America for about 5 years and I have noticed that North American designed cars have this feel like the gas pedal is too soft kinda in my opinion. I think they do that to give the illusion that your car is "faster" or more powerful than it really is because it feels like the power delivery is hard to control.

I like the way that the LS pedal is stiff enough that it encourages you to drive smoothly. If you need the power you can get it but it doesnt give you a touchy feeling that makes you feel like you're driving a civic.

How come you drive with OD off? Doesnt that mess up your gas mileage real bad? :unsure:

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Well the OD light is not on so I was thinking it is off, but maybe thats on? I have been playing around with it to see the difference. For sure when the light is off the LS shifts at low RPM's (2500). When light is on it will wait till over 3000 RPM's.

Yeah the Avalon has a really loose peddle. When you press it, it goes to the floor. When you press the LS it really makes you drive it smooth. I always laugh thinking that I have never pushed my LS to the floor.

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