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Jump Start Gs300 Using Trickle Charger?

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I'm wondering if I can jump start a 1996 Lexus GS300 using a trickle charger? Will it work? Will it work and not damage the car?

The car is in a garage. I don't have jumper cables long enough to jumpstart from another car running in the driveway. Could I take the battery (a Sears International about 1 year old) out of my car and jump start the Lexus using that?

This car had been sitting around for at least 4 months without being started or driven. Three weeks ago (just before hurricane Wilma's visit) I ran the trickle charger for about 24 hours and was able to start the car. I drove it around for about an hour - shutting off and restarting the engine without difficulty - before puttting it back in the garage.

Yesterday I tried to start the car - no go. The engine didn't even crank when I turned the key. I hooked up the trickle charger and let it run for 24 hours. This morning when I tried to start the car the interior lights and dash electronics light up but the only sound I get from the engine is a clicking/whirring sound - it's not the sound of the engine turning over.

The battery appears to be about 5 years old so I understand it'll have to be replaced. However I need to get the car started without replacing the battery if at all possible.


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If the battery is not shot the trickle charger will work. Here's what I'd do. Take the battery out of your car, take it to the lexus and using your jumper cables, get the lexus started. Then allow the lexus to run at a fast idle and charge your other battery enough to put it back in your other car and start it. Then drive to an auto parts store and replace the lexus battery, as if it's been discharged a few times, it's probably close to going out. If you don't drive the lexus much, I'd look into replacing it with an optima yellow top as they can be discharged without affecting the battery. <_<

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The point of the trickle charger would have been to maintain the battery for the last several months that the car hasn't been being driven.

A real battery charger with boost/start capability is what you would need to start the car with a completely dead battery. Of course, you might get away with just using another battery to jump it.

Wouldn't it be easier to just go buy a new, charged battery, bring it home and put it in; seeing as how it sounds like you are going to replace it anyway?

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