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2001-up Rx300 Hid Headlight Retrofit Into 2000my?

Benjamin Tang

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VERY complex procedure, rear axle level sensor, auto-leveling ECU, integrating into onboard LAN, etc.

it can be easily done, just go to ebay, and buy an used rx300 headlights with HID, and mount it on any non-HID rx300, the hardest part is reconnect the low beam and high beam (4) wires to existing harness.

forget about rear axel level sensor, auto-leveling ecu, it is not required in U.S.A

i've done it on my 99 rx300, works perfectly fine for 3 years now.

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bronzemaxell... any more installation details (ie. wiring) that u can provide for me?

i just bought a set of used 01 hid headlights on ebay for $750usd.

i've done the installation so long ago, and i never documented it

let me refresh my memory

hopefully you bought a full assambly headlight that include ballasts, wiring and hid Bulbs, and have the tools ready.

1. look at your HID headlights, identify every mounting tab and screws because removing the old headlight could be a challenge if you don't know what to remove.

the top screws and grill screws are easy to remove, but there are two 10mm screw bolted the headlight to the fender, i was able to access those two screws by the wheel well with an extension rachet wrench, one on top, one on bottom of the headlight, just take ur time and keep all bolts, screws and clips organzied. i managed to loose a few clips, but still hold up well though.

there used to be a tuturial for how to remove rx300 headlight here, but i could no longer find it, ask around, maybe some one has a DIY on headlight removal that they've documented for other projects.

2. there are 2 pair of color coded wire on each headlight, one for high beam, one for low beam, once you get the light, if you look at the 2 pair of wires to hooked a 4 pin connector, trace the wires from the harness to headlight, the one that go to the ballast should be your low beam, thus the other pair is high beam, but then you still need to figure out which one if for 12V+ and which one is ground.

i used a ghetto method, went to pepboy and bought some wire, and use electrical tape and tape the headlight wires to existing vehicle harness. if you are handy, you can made the wiring look more professional.

once you get the headlight, let me know the colors of wire, and i should able to tell you which one is which if you are not sure.

3. once you finished the wiring, test it before remounting the headlight, and puting the new headlight in is just reverse order of step 1.

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the seller said that the headlights were "complete", including ballasts, bulbs, and igniters. but... there was no mention of wiring :(

am i in trouble?

this is the auction...


the wires is permanently attached to the ballast,

so if it is 'complete' with ballast, then you are ok

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phew... thanks. i didn't get pics of the components and relied only on his good ebay standing.

without the autolevelers, how do u adjust the lights?

i don't have to adjust or re-aim the HID headlight,

thers is no hotspot at 25 feet away, the beam pattern is wide and evenly spread, but not far as the projectors.

from what i am aware of, autolevel is adjusted once when you start your vehicle,

for example, if you put load in the back, the front will tilt up, the auto level will be lower the light a bit.

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Quick question since you guys know a lot about HID's. I just bought 9005/9006 Xenon bulbs for my rx300 assuming it has a ballaster in it already. It is a 2003 2wd model. Will i be able to use the bulbs without an after market unit? The picture is what i am assuming to be the stock ballaster


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For whatever it is worth, I just bought (have not received nor installed yet) HIR (note: are not HID) bulbs that fit into the standard headlights. They are Toshiba 9011 and 9012 (replace 9005 and 9006), said to be some 75% brighter without higher wattage. A Web site which sells them and contains quite a bit of info (but you should Google HIR - Toshiba 9011 and 9012 bulbs if you want more) is: www.finemotoring.com.

A number of people on various cars (BMW - Volvo - Dodge - Corvette etc...) seem very happy with them. They (the hi-beam bulbs) also come standard on certain high-performance cars.

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