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Caught In A Flash Flood

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I unfortunately got caught in a flash flood and water came up to about 1/2 way up car and water collected on my floorboard. To make long story short dried out car and over the weekend jumpstarted the battery and car is now running fine.

My problem is I have some electrical issues. I currently do not have automatic locks/windows/telescopic steering / and no fans working for climate control. So I took to lexus dealership to run a service check on it and they think it might be a

[body ECU #2} which the mechanic explained controls most of the power to fuses associated with all of my problems. They are to look at my car again on Friday to determine if this is the issue.

I guess my question is: Has anyone suffered the same fate and does anyone know how much it would cost to replace the {body ECU #2}

Thanks guys- I am on this website everyday at work and look forward to your responses if you have any.

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Sorry to hear about your experience.

If in fact it is an ECU, it will cost you ~$1200 to replace the unit. Did you have Lexus fully examine your vehicle's condition? If not, you may want to consider doing it b/c the water could cause all sorts of damage to a vehicle including malfunctioning air bags, etc. (SAFETY) Have you contacted your insurance company?

This might sound wrong and yes it would be dishonest but one thing you could do to save yourself from purchasing the ECU unit....well i better just keep my mouth shut....

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Thanks for the reply. Yah, I still cannot believe it happenned to me. Car was flooded for @1hour then when rain stopped it proceeded to drain away.

So ECU 'round $1200. My deductible is 1K so probably just pay out of pocket to prevent my car insurance from going up.

So can they even check for other things... airbags,etc by running diagnostic check? If it works currently, how can they determine the long term consequences of the water?

Curious by nature, so please expound upon your last statement, trust me I'm all ears or should I say eyes.

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I dont think a diagnostic test will be able to examine too much. The dealer or some other source may have a list of items to check for vehicles that have been involved in flash floods. Call the dealer and ask for suggestions on what they may be able to offer other than a diagnostic test.

As a note: I had my ECU replaced for free by Lexus b/c I lost my master keys and couldn't make additional copies of my key without the master. I was only responsible for the labor (~$85).

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