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Rx330 Gas Tank Capacity And Trip Computer


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Either in this forum or the "other one", there was a discussion about RX330 gas mileage. In that thread, someone threw out the statement that the trip computer performs your trip mileage and miles remaining computation based on 16 of the 19.2 gallon capacity in our gas tank. And when the miles remaining hits zero, that's how you know you've got 3 gallons left in your tank (give or take).

The thread continued, and everyone apparently took this statement to be absolutely true. I have never heard this or read this information anywhere (including the manual). Can someone either verify this statement, or let me know what the real deal is?

Anecdotally, the statement seems about right (give or take a gallon) in my experience, but I would be surprised to have someone verify that I still have about 60 miles or so left in my tank after hitting zero (granted that one wouldn't want to run the tank dry).

Thanks in advance!

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